I have worked on numerous design and cultural research projects in both the academic and commercial sectors.

Most recently, I co-led a research project investigating our post-Covid worlds and what they might mean for the future of the home and the office in the midst of the UK Covid crisis; and at the height of the #MeToo, I was part of a research team working on the question of what was the contemporary model of masculinity that was emerging, with a specific focus on exploring the discourses around men, sex and relationships.

My current long-term academic research interest is in slime, its cultural histories, and its critical materiality.` It means I watch far too many Dr. Pimple Popper videos, track down early twentieth-century ectoplasm in archives, and often find myself thinking about Cold War fears and the idea of the blob.

I am also working on a submission for the 100 Histories of 100 Worlds in 1 Object project, where I am attending to the Lewis Chessmen.

My academic research projects include Patternmapping, a project conceived and led by Ruby Hoette which aimed to explore people’s relationship with fashion and dress through storytelling, mapping and pattern making; R/S/W, a project on the relationship between speaking, writing and research explored through two six-part radio series on topics in visual and material culture which I produced and hosted and which were broadcast on Resonance 104.4fm; The 100 Hours Project, a UCL-based slow research project on material culture and our relationship with objects in the archive; and Art Vapours, a collaborative art practice with the film and video artist susan pui san lok on feminism and the everyday in publishing and broadcasting.

In my commercial research projects, I worked to explore topics as diverse as contemporary trends in home working culture (before Covid); the future of London’s suburban high streets; the cultural meanings of a twenty-first-century television; contemporary discourses on and around parenting: and the relationship high-net-worth individuals have with technology and the concept of luxury.